Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear William,

Today is our one year anniversary and I have so much I want to say. Most of my friends know I can go on about mushy things, especially you, my William. We've hit a beautiful stepping stone in our relationship and are soon making another one with our move. 
And above all the things I have to say,
I want to tell you:
 Thank you

Thank you for all the times I interrupted you and you always let me go first. 
Thank you for all the animals you promised I can have.
Thank you for all the babies you promised I can have.
Thank you for the mountains of candy you always buy me (and then letting me eat it all).
Thank you for letting me complain about college all these months.
Thank you for getting me an amazing new cell phone and plan to call you in the middle of the night with.
Thank you for yelling at the car insurance guy for like three hours on Friday.
Thank you for using a cat iphone cover because I have a bear one.
Thank you for letting me clean everything.
Thank you for buying me a hair dryer just because I complained about my other one.
Thank you for letting me fall asleep as soon as you call me every night.
Thank you for letting me make currants, a blanket, and other girly things for our new room.
Thank you for loving me.
And thank you for waiting for me.

You are my best friend and the greatest young man I know. You never give up on us and the life we want together. You are such a goofball and you put a smile on my face every minute of the day.

Happy One Year Anniversary, my William.
I love you.

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Good luck to you both - may you have many more anniversaries together, even while you are apart. All the best from one who has had 7 when we were not married and another 41 since!

  2. Few things make me happier than this couple right here.

    I am so unbelievably happy for this amazing new turn your life is making, Jaco. No girl deserves it more than you do, honestly. I love you.

  3. SO happy to read this, you two are just so sweet together, and it's great to see two people appreciate eachother so much.



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