Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cat iphones, respectful mohawks, and pink shirts.

William and I have been having a great time together this week! I've been here since Saturday and I'm having such a great time. We've been playing video games and sleeping in and getting me sick.

And trying on amazing hats at Target.

On Sunday we had a real outing! First we went to William's hair salon to get his hair cut, he has curly/wavy hair so he needs to keep it super short for it to behave. I love it. He gets his hair cut in what I call a "respectful mohawk", real short on the sides and kinda spikey on the top. His hair dresser, Gloria, does a great job.


Afterwards, we had a Baja Fresh date! We shared a Burrito Dos Manos, which William didn't know means Burrito Two Hands. It was absolutely delicious. It had chicken and beans and the works! The best part was the cranberry salsa they have for the holidays. It's like a spicy cranberry sauce! I think it'd be great with turkey.

Then we headed to Verizon to get me my own iphone! Verizon is having a great deal for iphone 4s right now and so we pounced. I got a black one and William and I have really cute covers. I have a bear and he has a black cat.

I actually ordered a white cat but they sent me this.

This is William's.

It was a really wonderful Sunday. Since then we've been lazy bones. William was sick last week so I caught whatever he had. I've been trying to sleep/rest it off while he goes to work.

He even tried to win me that Warthog thing!

What have you been up lately? Anything fun?
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. I am so happy that you're having such an incredible time! You never look as happy as you do with your pictures with William! Gosh. You two are just adorable.

    And those iPhone cases are to die for! I'm finally switching over REALLY soon. I love my droid, but c'mon it's an iPhone!

  2. Aww you look like you are having so much fun. :) Wow, that is a majorly pink shirt... :P

  3. Little miss Betty Page,
    Your new hair looks darn adorable! I had to show Brittany, because she's obsessed with you... what?
    Mr. Pants is a delight, and he seems to have the highest respect for you. It's great to see you in photos with a joyous disposition.
    P.s. Amen to the iPhone, I'm def getting on "Team Apple."


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