Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Head Is Full Of Dreams

Lately my head is full of dreams. Not quite precise yet not quiet vague. The closer I am to moving to Las Vegas the more I dream, the more I believe my dreams will truly come to be.

I have dreams of a family. I see myself chasing my babies around the house, stressed, tired and happy with what I have made. I teach them to sew and organize, see the beauty I see in the world. I want their Dad to teach them how to cook and about science. I want three, maybe even four kids. I want a small home that fits all of us but isn't really "spacious". I want a small backyard with grass and flowers and room to play. I want cats and small/medium dogs that cuddle with my babies all the time.

I want an old fashioned life. I want to teach my girls how beautiful vintage is and the way life used to be. I want them to like the things kids their age like but also to like the things kids used to like. Playing outdoors. Imaginary games. Wooden blocks. I want my home to be decorated in vintage things mixed with modern things. I want it to be bright, warm colors. Crocheted blankets and needle point wall hangings. 

These are the things I see when I close my eyes. Some girls want successful careers and love, I want a home and babies. I have my love. I believe William is who I truly want, always. He is in this future I see. He is that Dad who talks about science and plays with his kids when he gets home from work. I see his parents over all the time, talking loud and playing with our kids. I see my parents coming over for visits and being happy for us. 

I believe dreams are important. These are the most important things to me. What do you dream of when you're alone? What is it that your heart wants more than anything?
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. I'm pretty taken aback by this post. This is the sweetest hopes and dreams ever (not to mention very well-written!). :) I, too, dream of a life similar to your dream. Having a humble house full of babies and animals...all around genuine happiness.

    You said in another post how you really want to move but your family has not-so-great feelings about it, etc. I know how you feel. I left home over a year ago and moved in with my boyfriend. We're now engaged, and living in our second home together with our 2 cats + puppy. Although your family will miss you and/or not support your decisions to leave home and start your own life, as long as you know it's the right thing to do for yourself, you can't go wrong. Moving out and being the person you want to be is good for you. It's exciting! :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. You're dreams are unique in todays world, but they are so lovely, and I also know you'll reach them. I can't wait til you're posting from Vegas, and not from California. Your dreams are beautiful. So soon!

    I dream of a life with Ryan as well, but instead of babies, I dream of adventures in Seattle. Late nights watching the skyline from Gasworks Park. Drunken nights walking the streets. Nights where we don't come home until the sun rises. I don't dream of partying, I just dream of living with Ryan. Expanding our personal world to a surrounding where our hearts are joyful. A life together, where we are happy.

    I guess really, we want the same things.


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