Friday, November 25, 2011

Okay so no video blog

Trimmed my fringe today.

I have to come clean. William and I totally forgot to do the video blog. In our defense, by the time we got home from running around town all day on Sunday we were way too tired to make it. Then I got really sick that night and had a cold the rest of the week. And this cold gave me "smoker voice" to the point that William didn't recognize me over the phone... ya it was pretty bad. I started saying "sugah" and "hun" a lot for added effect.

We also didn't get too many questions and I hadn't put enough thought into making up my own. So, when I move I'm going to do a lot of videos. I want not only to share our experiences with the internet, I also want to document them for us in the future. So I promise those videos will show up soon. I'm planning to film a little while we drive, film a little when we get our first apartment, our first few days, ya know big things like that. 

Anyway, how was your Thanksgiving? I have had two so far and two more to go. Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and make individual pumpkin pie desserts from a recipe I found on Pintrest. If you're interested the recipe is here

Well I hope you all are well! 
Love and Turtledoves,

This might have taken place today.

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