Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Wishes: July 18, 2011

As of recently I've decided not to spend anymore of my money until I get my my etsy shop to bring in a decent amount of money. There really isn't anything I NEED that I don't have, so any money I have right now I save up to be able to see William once a month. I really wish flights to Vegas were cheaper, is really isn't very far, but I can't change anything about that. Our relationship is worth it.

So I've decided to start my first ever weekly post called Monday Wishes, which will be a little list of the things I've been drooling over in the past week! Without further ado, here this weeks Monday Wishes:


I have been drooling over this Motel Rocks dress for weeks now. I am always on the search for a black dress with an illusion neckline and this one is gorgeous. I originally saw it on Kaelah Bee, she looks so cute it in it! 

Black skinny jeans. 
Today Dad and Kathy brought me home the cutest 50's top that just needs a pair of black skinnies. Rolled up preferably. ;)
These are forever 21.


Garren wedges from Blowfish Shoes. Oh my goodness. These aren't in my size at all, booo!, but I think they're to die for.

This skirt from mysweetiepiepie on etsy is just the cutest thing.

This beautiful dress from thelittestpolly on etsy! I absolutely love the candy colored skirt.

I adore this "I heart Nevada" necklace by truche. The heart is even near Las Vegas on the map!

I love this carrot plush from SteffBomb on etsy! 

I loooove this gold charm earrings by my wonderful friend Laura! They're for sell on her etsy :)

These turquoise peacock feathers make me want to make earrings! 

ELF's all over color stick is to die for! I bought this, I know I said I wasn't spending money but it was ONE DOLLAR, at Target yesterday and am in love. I like to use it really lightly as blush and lip color. Then I just fill in my eyebrows and put on mascara for a perfect fresh look. 

See you next Monday for more wishes! 
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Yes to the no spending money until etsy is bringing in the bacon! I vote we come up with some kind of pact, or some kind of encouraging thing to keep us going. Oui?

  2. love the necklace!
    that's more good luck than the cute earrings ;]
    cute post

  3. The carrot is so darling! <3 And goodness I love the necklace!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. That dress is simply beautiful!


  5. Such cute stuff. And yesss those Elf sticks are great! (Though I wish I could get them as cheap as a dollar!)

  6. Totally in love with the Motel Rocks dress too... pity they're all sold out :(


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