Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hair Fiasco: The Quest for a Good Hair Dresser Part 2

Over this weekend I drove up to my mother's house to visit and get my hair done. I tried a small salon with a good product name and wanted to put platinum streaks in the sides of my black hair, which also needed to be redyed. And that's sorta what I got. The black is beautiful and she fixed my bangs, but the blonde is a carmel orangey red because of the black dye it had on before it. Which I totally understand and don't even hate. 

The ends are much more brown but my roots are a really pretty platinum. 

It was more of the customer service I didn't appreciate. At first I liked that the ladies all talked and joked around with one another, but my stylist was too focused on a different client then me. I was paying her to do my hair and she was more focused on someone else's hair she couldn't do right. Then she got so frustrated she didn't even clean up my face from the black dye she got all over my forehead and ears. While I was there I didn't mind too much but looking back I feel like I wasted money on bad service. 

I found a salon in Fullerton that is much closer and has really good reviews on Yelp. I'm really hoping I can go in and the girl will fix the orange to blonde as well as be nice and actually care that I am going to pay her.

The quest for a real hair dressed continues...
Love and Turtledoves,

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