Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magic Rag Curls

Recently Katie, over at Skunkboy Creatures, did a post on rag curls. Rag curls are a way to curl you hair without a curling iron and according to her create bouncy, crazy curls. Since I had never heard of such a thing, being such a tomboy up until I was 12 and became gothic after that, I googled a few videos and tried it for myself. Basically you just cut strips of fabric, wrap wet hair around them, and tie it up. Then you sleep,  a little uncomfortably, on them and in the morning you have insane curls.

So, in review, you go to bed like this.

 And wake up like this!
It's really gorgeous except my feathers didn't like it too much haha! They're so wonky today.

I style it with the top pulled back a little because I don't like frizzy curls touching my cheeks all day. 

Thank you, Katie, for the recommendation! There is no way I could do this with a curling iron. I'm really in love with this look. :)
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. They look wonderful! <3 I really must have a go - I'm quite useless with curling irons!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. love this!!!
    i need to do this haha my hair is so short right now

  3. i love your bangs.

    my mom used to do rag curls on me all the time, i should try it again! i wonder if they look different with long hair? i'll try it and let you know :)

  4. oh i should try this, I am hopeless with a curling iron!

  5. WOOOOOW! I read that post but I was wondering whether it would ACTUALLY work ... my hair is such a nightmare. Now I will definitely give it a go. xo

  6. Fun! I used to do this as a kid :)



  7. I've DEFINITELY gotta try this! i really think the curling iron hates me, so i always have to look for other ways to curl my hair! this looks perfect and so pretty!
    xo, Lauren

  8. turned out so cute on you!


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