Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day in L.A.

Last weekend a small group of kids from school and I headed down to Los Angeles to check out the Chinese New Year Festival. My history teacher, Mr. Lockwood, had put together the trip for our Chinese Exchange Students but a few friends of mine and I came as well. 

First we admired Union Station.

Then watched some crazy Lion Dances.

 Made good use of the gorgeous scenery.

Tim learned that "70lb weight limit" does not mean "70lb weight limit"

Jesse acted like at true tourist

Well we all acted like true tourists 

 After a humongous lunch we hunkered down and watched the parade! 

We saw more lions,

A hungry dragon,

 Some fan dancers,

And whatever the heck this guy is!

Then we retired to this gorgeous fountain area downtown before heading back on the train to our sleepy desert city. ♥ 

All in all the train trip was the best way I could image going to L.A. You don't have to even think about your car, you just need a good pair of tennis shoes, a water bottle, and a longing for adventure.
Love and Turtledoves,

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  1. I agree. It only takes like a half an hour walk for me to the Metro line that you guys took. I have access to so much. I went to little tokyo last semester for a field trip.


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