Saturday, January 29, 2011

Retrospection, Introspection, and Celebration

*Katy Perry's birthday party a year or two ago. Doesn't it look like fun?! wehearit*

Today marks the first birthday of Diamond in the Dark! Today one year ago I decided to start my personal blog and see where it would take me. I never imaged how helpful and insightful it is to put my feelings out to the universe and see what returns to me. Although I am careful with what I say, since text can easily be taken the wrong way, I am much more open than I ever thought I would be. I honestly didn't have much in mind when I started blogging. I thought I'd do some outfit posts, improve my style, and have a good time. I never thought I'd be giving out my opinions regularly as well as updates on my daily life, as well as my small business. I never could have seen how far this would take me.

I'm really happy with how different and yet similar I am to the girl I was one year ago. At sixteen going on seventeen I was unsure of myself. I knew I wanted certain things, Editor in Chief of yearbook, college, to move in with my boyfriend at the time, ect, but I don't know if I really understood the gravity of those things. I didn't know exactly how much effort Editor in Chief would take, even though I adore it and it is completely worth the blood, sweater, and tears (figuratively). I also didn't understand things about relationships that I do now and I'm glad for that. I'm proud of how far I've come this year.

I'd just like to thank every one of my readers for the support and love you've all given me. My friends and family have all been so supportive as well and I appreciate that greatly. I appreciate you all so very very much. I love you all, even if our paths never fully cross. I adore you. ♥

And to celebrate my sweet little blog's birthday I will be dancing the night away at Homecoming and then Paige's after party tonight! I promise to take a million pictures and update you all on my night as soon as possible. :) Have a wonderful January 29, 2011!

Love and Turtledoves,

I will be eating whatever I want today, it is my birthday after all ;) Sorry Pants. ♥

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