Wednesday, August 17, 2011

T Minus five days...

In five days I start my (hopefully) four year trek towards a college degree. Like a true student I've already  changed one class before it even began. At least the ball has begun to roll... summer was hard this year. I had too much free time while William has no free time and it has left him tired and I was lonely. I couldn't keep my hands and mind busy enough to deal with being alone so often, at least now I'll have a lot to do.

I came home yesterday evening from Las Vegas. We've decided to try to stay positive when we have to part, since we know deep down it isn't forever. I'll be back in Vegas on the 15th of September... it just feels like a long ways away. Our week together, as always, was absolutely perfect. We got to strengthen and enliven our relationship again. I'm really hoping school will keep my mind occupied until we can be together again.

We played video games, watched a ton of Nip/Tuck, made zucchini bread, celebrated his 23rd birthday and our 8th month anniversary. So over all enjoyed one another's company. To be honest we did a lot of nothing, because we crave normalcy with one another. To just share our lives. We did go out on Sunday night to explore the strip a little, but someone (okay me....) got too tired and we went home around midnight. I love nothing more than sharing experiences with him.

Seriously look at that stunning man.

Only five more days...
Love and Turtledoves,


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