Friday, January 25, 2013

Want, Need, Gift two

This week, I need:

A new nose ring. I'll settle for a titanium retainer (1) but I'd really love to buy a nice clicker from Industrial Strength (2). Both of these are pictured from Body Art Forms but are made by Industrial Strength. And I say I need a new nose ring because I'm down to two very bad quality ones and that just won't do.

I Want:

These absolutely stunning Goldstone teardrop plugs with lab made opal inlays made by Heartonsleevejewelry. Drool worthy amirite?

I wish I could Gift:

Every time I see these Pear cut navel bars I think of Ashley. I don't know what she'd like but in my head I'd get her the Citrine one on the right and have it anodized *which means have the titanium turned a color* ice blue or fuchsia. These navel bars are made by Anatometal and the picture is from Body Art Forms.

Well I guess this week turned into a body jewelry Want, Need, Gift. I hope you liked it!
Love and Turtledoves,

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  1. I need a new nose ring too. I'm sure you have a ton of recommendations for good places to get body jewelry? Any tips pour moi?


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