Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Quiet Thoughts of an Introvert

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The older I get the more I understand the fact that I truly am an introvert. That saying I take more relaxation and strength from alone time than social time. The more and more I work in retail, which means interaction for 8 hours five days a week, the more I relish my alone time.

I find the best thing I can do to calm down after work is to sit at my desk and create something. I don't always plan what to make but it eases the stress that work builds. Today I came home and started working on a princess order I received a day or two ago, because I want to get it home and I have a new order right after that! It's been a great week for my humble shop.

Love & Turtledoves,


  1. Have recently been forced into being alone with the death of my beloved husband. Know how you feel: when he was here, he needed such care - now he's in a better place, while it's lonely, making Cuddlies is a great way to keep going.

    We'd welcome a visit from you sometime - we're at - and you can see us in the shop there too. Meanwhile, we love welcoming new Followers, as well as meeting new folks.

    See you around sometime, maybe? Isobel

  2. Sounds like your shop is indeed doing well! And I'm glad you've found something to help you calm down so well :)


  3. Aren't we all introverts? Eh, at least we can accept it better as adults. I love everything you've been producing though.

    AND, I've noticed even if I'm tired as FUCK when I get home from work, if I sit down and make myself play with my beads, I'll get inspired and actually create something. Are there self help books for people like us!? God, I hope so.


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