Thursday, November 22, 2012

Forever Thankful

Today I am reflecting on how good a life I have at this point. While I wish I could be in California today, I'm at home because I will be working tomorrow. Although I am far, I feel the love of my family just like every other year.

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I am thankful for my sweet partner. He truly is there for me in every step of our lives. He takes care of me whenever I ask and with his whole heart. Yesterday he went to three stores for me/us (me) and came home with a smile and tried to help me fix my apple pie problem. What a hero right? He wants me to be who I am and just to be happy, I love him so much for that. I love him for accepting me in all my moods and weirdness.

My family is a equal to William. They are so supportive even if they disagree with my life path at the moment. I called them all this morning and truly feel their love today. I know we all wish we could be together, but I appreciate the support even though I can't be there. They are amazing.

William's family has been really great to us this year as well. Today his dad, Bob, and brother, Robert are over cooking our meal. Turkey and potatoes and yams and green beans. It's been a busy morning full of talking and music and family.

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While it's silly, I'm so happy to have our cat children with us to cuddle and love at all hours of the night and day.

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving is having a perfect one, enjoy your family, friends, food, and kittens!

Love and Turtledoves,

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