Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dress Code Clarification


I had a few things I wanted to clear up about my Dress Code post. I feel like I talked about it but I really didn't explain enough and make myself clear enough.

I don't mind dress code as much as I seemed in my last post. I understand very clearly that just about every establishment, until it is my establishment and I create the dress code, will have some type of dressing procedure. Whether it be Disneyland's strict strict one or Nordstrom's dress well one, it will always exist. However, at that point I feel like I'm going to want more freedom with my clothing and I am not sorry for that need.

Here are the most difficult parts of my school's dress code:

Skirts must touch the knee

No tank tops/straps. (has to be REALLY thick straps or like a cap sleeve)
This really means you pretty much always have to wear a cardigan with a dress

No shorts above the knee (so shorts are really out of the equation)

Shirts must be long enough that if you raise your arms, no stomach shows

(And up to two years ago, we couldn't wear dress pants on chapel days. Even in the winter.)

You see I've gone to my school since 2nd grade, that's ten years under the same dress code. And no it isn't terrible, we don't have uniforms, however it is very irritating at times. Mostly for my style, which is a little more rebellious when I decide to dress up. And I almost always follow said dress code, I try very hard not to break it but in reality I do on occasion. A dress that is cute and touches the knee is hard to find at the limited stores we have in my area. Most dresses are cut above the knee or longer than the knee, which isn't my personal style.

To those who think that all isn't really too hard, try dressing this way for ten years. It's not terrible but I'm going to a public college for a reason and I'm moving out on my own for a reason, to grow up and become independent. And as much as I hate to say it, I'm doing it to get freedom. I know I don't have to explain that to anyone, but I prefer to be frank vs. misunderstood.

I do not think dress code is unnecessary, it think it is very necessary in some cases. However next year is my year to grow and become who I want to be, and I'm not going to hinder myself. I will get a job, but I also will get my septum pierced ;)

In other neeeeeeews.
:) It's family day for us, Sunday dinners are the highlight of my weekends here at my dad's ♥. I love getting to see my siblings and my niece and nephew and things are just so swell. Annnnnnnnd I cannot wait for May, which will include my BEAUTIFUL sister's wedding and MY 18th birthday. Bazinga!

Tata for now, I hope your week is beautiful.
Love and Turtledoves,

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