Monday, July 2, 2012

Help! I want to be a better blogger.

So as everyone can know by now, I am awful at posting! I get so caught up in procrastination from anything crafty or productive, that I ignore my blog more than I ignore the laundry. But it's not what I want. I want to be a great blogger and have internet friends and share my life with the internet.

And you know why I think I don't share as often as I wish I did? Because I think I'm boring! Here, in 'wonderful' Las Vegas, a good time is getting wasted and doing things you don't remember. To me a good time is sewing and watching United States of Tara and eating the AMAZING dinners my Mister makes me. I can feel that I'm letting other people get to me. I'm letting people tell me I'm boring.

The truth is I am not boring. I'm old fashioned and a home body and that's okay! I just need to accept myself more and do whatever the fuck I want!

And this blog is super ranty and run on sentencey so I'll end it with a new project!

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I just got this sweet new watercolor brush that has water in it. Finally I am good at shading!

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Lovely piece! I love your style of flowers, so special!

    I find the so called 'boring' life to be way more productive and fun and satisfying and worthy of being proud than a life of non-stop partying (though I admittedly like a good party now and then)

    So I agree you shouldn't let those people say you're boring - or rather, LET THEM, and be like "YEAH AND IM ALSO GOING SOMEWHERE IN LIFE SO..."
    (sentence cut off to avoid posting profanities)


  2. haha, definitely creeping on your blog right now. I love your art, it's so beautiful. I definitely want you to design my first tattoo. also, how's life? I miss you tons! <3


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